Kenya Space Expo and Conference 2022

The Kenya Space Agency will host the inaugural Kenya Space Expo and Conference 2022 themed "Leveraging Space Capabilities for National Development" to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 15th to 17th June 2022. The event aims to bring together industry, government representatives, policy makers, academia, representatives of space agencies and international organizations, young professionals and the general public.
The purpose is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and hold discussions on space opportunities, use of space applications for socio-economic development, showcase technologies and applications, projects and innovations; provide networking opportunities and create linkages. The Expo and Conference will focus on leveraging space science, technologies and applications to address existential socio-economic challenges and in the development of national economies. The Kenya Space Expo & Conference will be an annual event.

The Kenya Space Agency was established in March 2017 with the mandate to promote, coordinate and regulate space related activities in the country. Priorities in Kenya's space programme are aligned to the national Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium-Term Plans, the "Big 4" initiative and sector plans. In October 2020, the Kenya Space Agency launched its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, which focuses on development of national space capability; and promotion of enhanced utilization of space technology, services and applications as well as space-derived data for decision-making; and to facilitate Kenya's socio-economic development.

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Cross-cutting Themes

The Kenya Space Expo and Conference 2022 will majorly focus on the following six themes that cut across the space industry in Kenya

Policy, strategy, law and regulation

Capacity building with a focus on academia and space sector

Application of space technologies for socioeconomic development

Partnerships and resource mobilisation

Private sector's role and opportunities

Future of the industry

Launching in T-Minus

Event Goals



To nurture and promote the development of an indigenous space industry that is robust, innovative, competitive and responsive to the needs of the country.


To provide a platform for linkage and collaboration for space professionals, experts, researchers, from public and private sectors as well as students and civil society.


To explore and showcase the benefits of space applications for national socio- economic development.




Thematic Areas





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Why You Should Attend

Discover Space Applications and Tools

Explore potential use of space applications and tools for the sustainable socio-economic development of Kenya and, the necessity and challenges related to the Kenyan space capabilities including data, infrastructure and human capital development and utilisation.


Understand Space Treaties and Instruments

The Kenya Space expo will present an opportunity for comprehension of space related international treaties, conventions and other instruments that impact on decision-making processes and activities.


Join a Community of Space Industry Champions

Develop a sustainable community of practice for the policy makers and development agencies that shall lead to deeper integration of the Space industry into the mainstream economy.


Connect and Network with Industry Players

Explore opportunities for enhancing collaboration and establish linkages for the growth of indigenous space sector.


Learn About Space Policies, Laws and Governance

Enhance your awareness in space science applications, policy, law and regulatory instruments and governance.


Showcase your Exhibition

Exhibiting at the KSEC 2022 will enhance your visibility in the space sector, provide you with a strategic audience and help you discover out-of-this world opportunities.